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Being Curious about your Habits can help you Change them!

Habits are the processes held in our brain that allow us to go about our daily lives without having to think.

Habits help us conserve energy; they help us repeat behaviours in similar situations; they help keep ourselves safe.

They also stick around for a long time, often past their point of usefulness; they can become unhealthy and seem hard to change.

Habits are formed in every part of life, and are a naturally occurring process. Habits are held in the subconscious, fear based part of the brain. Habits are encased in the fixed mindset that says it is best not to change.

Interestingly with the popular emergence of mindfulness and expansion of knowledge in the field of neuroscience it has been discovered that habits don’t have to be as difficult to change as we think.

What Justin Brewer has found in his research is that by being curious about your habits you become more conscious or mindful of the real impacts they are having on your body. The act of being consciousness of these impacts, being curious about the impact and thinking through those impacts rationally are the path to challenging and changing bad habits.

At 10k Consulting we believe all performance can be improved by making a wise decision. By combining a growth mindset with the right information and the right behaviour you create a mindful decision that helps you transform knowledge into wisdom.

Many people believe this is easier said than done.

In simplicity if you consciously apply our five performance mindsets as often as possible you will put yourself in position to be curious about your habits, challenge your habits and benefit from the change you create.

Five performance mindsets:

  1. Check your mindset so you can contribute constructively to conversation
  2. Preparation gets you ready to contribute
  3. Questions reveal more than answers
  4. You have to talk about it to maintain focus
  5. Time is limited so focus on the things that matter

The change will come from the action of giving it a go, learning from that experience, and then doing it again and again!

View Justin Brewers Ted Presentation:



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