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Business Performance & HR Services

Productivity Improvement

Translating strategy into action that delivers results is every manager’s task. We find that organisations have the tools they require to be successful, however, there is a gap in decision-making and implementation. 10k Consulting believes all performance can be improved by making wise decisions. By improving aspects of your Management Operating System, we help our clients improve critical performance decisions by staying focused on the things that matter. Reviewing policies, procedures, performance measures, meetings and decision-making practices, we are able to sharpen an organisations focus on productivity, increase customer focus and improve business performance. We can help with:

  • Performance measurement and setting performance targets
  • Productivity analysis
  • Policy and procedure reviews and utilisation audit
  • Meeting and communication effectiveness audit
  • Decision making (and implementation) performance analysis


HR Services

10K Consulting is able to provide a wide range of HR services across all parts of the employment lifecycle. We can support clients to define the types of employees and skills needed, along with the systems required to effectively source, select and employ them. In addition, we have the capability to design and implement performance improvement initiatives for individuals, teams and whole workforces. Drawing on considerable HR experience gained in small, medium and large organisations across commercial and government sectors, we are able to support our clients to define, refine and grow performance cultures that deliver on performance targets. We can help with:

  • HR Strategy and Workforce Planning
  • Organisation design, from job design to restructure
  • Talent identification and capability development
  • Performance management and career development
  • Employment marketing, recruitment, selection & induction
  • Culture development
  • Remuneration and reward
Management and Executive Coaching

Our coaching approach delivers a tailored learning environment that focuses on making wise decisions, improving personal effectiveness and people leadership capabilities. Working with individuals at all stages of the career cycle, we coach them to build a growth mindset that enables improved personal resilience, increased accuracy of decision making, and the ability to inspire others to make wise decisions.

Change Management

Companies must continually evolve in order to stay responsive and relevant to clients. Supporting the workforce to take on the challenge of change is central to our approach to build change leadership capability. Utilising world-leading models of change, we support clients to lead the change, creating environments that increase collaboration, improve engagement, speed up the change process and inspire people to make wise decisions.

Team Performance Development

Defining strengths, values, decision practices and areas for development enables individuals and teams to create the mindsets and behaviours required to achieve their personal goals and business performance results. Using internationally renowned Hogan Assessments and 10k Consulting developed tools, teams and individuals are provided with the structure, information and support required to take performance to a new level.

Business Performance
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