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Leadership and Team Development

Team Performance Development

Defining strengths, values, decision practices and areas for development enables individuals and teams to create the mindsets and behaviours required to achieve their personal goals and business performance results. Using internationally renowned Hogan Assessments and 10k Consulting developed tools, teams and individuals are provided with the structure, information and support required to take performance to a new level.

Leadership Development

10K Consulting Leadership Development Placing Wise Decisions at the centre of all our programs, we provide participants with the opportunity to explore how they can develop their “Personal Leadership” in order to be effective people leaders.  Focusing on performance, our programs are designed to deliver financial results for organisations. The content, structure and follow-up coaching support ensures each participant is best positioned to transition knowledge into action. Participants embed new practices in the business, engage the workforce, deliver improved outcomes for the customer and achieve results. Programs can be completed in isolation or as a set over time. They can be completed by teams from one organisation, by individuals who currently hold or aspire to be in a leadership role, and by people who are just interested in being great decision makers. Programs we deliver to the public and within organisations include:

  • Wise Decision Maker – be a great decision maker and team contributor
  • Change Leader – develop resilience, increase agility and inspire others to act
  • Performance Leader – focus on the things that matter, lift productivity, improve customer experience and achieve results
  • Strategic Leader – create the frameworks for the future that will define strategy, create the performance mindset and deliver the results.
Management and Executive Coaching

Our coaching approach delivers a tailored learning environment that focuses on making wise decisions, improving personal effectiveness and people leadership capabilities. Working with individuals at all stages of the career cycle, we coach them to build a growth mindset that enables improved personal resilience, increased accuracy of decision making, and the ability to inspire others to make wise decisions.

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