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Defining the Mindset leads to High Performance

People that succeed in achieving their goals have a common trait. When faced with the opportunity to take the easy option for short term gain, or the effortful option to achieve longer term goals, they take the effortful option.

As Carol Dweck identified in her research, people with a growth mindset are prepared to put in effort to learn, adapt and progress irrespective of the outcome. Conversely people with a fixed mindset are only prepared to put in effort if they think they will succeed; the moment they believe they can no longer succeed they will give up.

Research into mindsets and decision making by Carly Barry and Kameko Halfmann, published in 2016, identified that mindsets directly influence the decisions we make. They identified people with concrete mindsets (like fixed mindsets) are highly likely to make short term self gratifying decisions while those with abstract mindsets (like growth mindsets) will make decisions that delay self gratification in order to achieve long term goals.

Additionally they identified that people with and concrete mindsets are not likely to accept new information and make perceived risky decisions, where as people with abstract mindsets will.

The proven path to success requires a commitment to performance, motivation to grow and continually improve, and the ability to adapt to meet changing demands. This happens when people to hold growth mindsets.

Defining the mindset/s of individuals and the organisation is a critical path to fostering growth and success.

NB: 10k Consulting can assist you to implement a people analytics platform that will define mindsets and provide critical data for individuals, teams and leaders to hold growth mindsets.

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