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Transform habits, Transform performance

Recent comments in the press:.

  1. Performance management is dead.
  2. KPI’s and bonuses rarely create higher levels of performance.
  3. Managers and Employees say annual reviews are a waste of time.
  4. HR as we know it does not provide the solutions for the future workforce

From our point of at 10kC we think that each of the above statements have some validity.

As we have worked with clients over the last few years it has become very apparent that their performance management systems (which is often coupled with the organisations remuneration process) are focused on “administration” and “process” rather than motivation and learning. The systems are often gamed to get the “right result”; many KPI’s do not have a direct correlation to financial performance outcomes so trust in the process is low; and the systems are slow, rigid, and unresponsive to the changing business environments.

Employee commitment and desire to achieve is essential for organisational success. As technology drives change in our community and our workplace, we need to find more effective solutions that will help individuals;

  • have a mindset that enables them to collaborate with colleagues and customers
  • make great decisions, and
  • be a strong contributor to their team

The current performance management and remuneration models are most often aligned to hierarchical structures, embed command and control culture, and inadvertently reinforce individualistic behaviour. In a fast moving global economy, these systems are becoming the antithesis of what we need in the future.

Part of the solution to the next generation of employee performance improvement relates to changing habits, not KPI’s!

As we all know habits are the subconscious processes that just happen for us throughout the day. They do not require thought and interestingly they don’t require us to make any decision.  As Dr Jeffery Schwartz notes, as habits hardwire they detach from goal seeking and decision making part of the brain and become automatic. This lack of thought and attention to our actions can lead us to maintain bad habits.

Transformation of performance is rapid when individuals make a conscious decision to change unproductive habits at work. We believe that the next generation of performance improvement processes must focus on our work habits, mindsets we hold, our values / motivators and the decisions we make.

We will be releasing our next generation framework in the coming weeks!

In the mean time we recommend spending some time watching Dr Jeffery Schwartz’s presentation “The Neuroscience of Habit”


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