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Whitepaper – Decision Driven Performance – Creating Neuro Alignment

10k Consulting believes all performance can be improved by making wise decisions. The decisions we make determine the actions we take and the cultures we support. This year 10k Consulting has survyed clients and it’s broader network exploring how decision making impacts on individual and business performance.

The collective wisdom indicates that highly motivated individuals are harder workers and more likely to achieve their goals at work and in life. Additionally, to sustain high levels of motivation individuals need to feel in control of their situation. Resarchers have found one of the most effective means of doing this is to create a sense of autonomy and self determination. In practical terms this is best acheived when people have choice. They have the opportunity to make decisions!

10K Consulting’s most recent research indicates that team members and frontline managers are able to make very few decisions. Survey respondents indicate that more than 70% of decisions are made by managers two or more levels away from the frontline. The impact of this is that more than 60% of employees believe decision making practices in their organisation are negatively impacting their levels of motivation.

There is a growing body of research confirming that current KPI and performance review processes utilised by many organisations deliver limited value in relation to motivating individuals to perform.

What is clear from internationally renowned researchers in the fields of neuroscience, motivation, and trust; and 10K Consulting’s work on decision making, is that the current performance systems driven by KPI’s, reviews and rewards often fail to support employees to take responsibility for their goal setting, decision making and levels of motivation.

This paper provides HR and Operational Leaders with an understanding of how decisions impact on motivation and business performance, and what is required to build a dual system approach that lifts motivation and improves workforce performance at the same time.

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